ACID 15 (Single)

by Three Wise Monkeys



3wm acid 15 production notes

Acid 15 developed out of a drum pattern Liam brought to the monkeys early in 2011. Over several jams, the intro head was developed, and a overall psychadelic feel. The final end section was developed the day prior to its first performance at the Valve bar, in Feb 2011. Kypo came up with the chromatic open string phrase in 7/8, which was transposed into the pounding RATM styled Tag. The song was featured as the finale of the Valve Bar set, and received a thunderous appaulse from those present.

Named Acid 15, as an extention of the Acid 11 track that Liam brought to the Monkeys for their debut EP., as the track had echoing qualities similiar to Acid 11. The track starts of in a 15/8 time signature and modulates tghrough various sections to finish in a pounding 7/4 groove.


No lyrics - Instrumental Track
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released March 25, 2011
ACID 15 written, recorded, and produced by the Thre Wise Monkeys.

The Three Wise Monkeys are:

Bass: Alex King
Drums: Liam Chandler

Production Notes:

The track was recorded direct to disk at Sweet Leaf Studios on Thursday, 8th March 2011.The track is one take, that has had heavy post production done to it.

The Tracking was completed with Focusrite mic pres, into Logic Pro 9.

Guitars: Kypo played his 2010 Cherry Sunburst Les Paul Traditional, into channel one of the Mesa Boogie Transatlantic, and into a Achilles 2 * 12 Cab with a Gold and Green Back.

A number of pedals were used from Kypos rack.
The intro is a Morley Bad Horsie 2 wah into a Kelley Overdrive. The intro tone was run through the Waves Eddie Kramer Guitar Plugin in during post production, with a slight amount of flange and reverb added.
The 1/2 time section is a Ibanez Steve Vai Jemini (green Channel) distoriton pedal and Sustainiac Model C.
The harmony guitar was added in post production using pitch shifting and pitch correction plugin from logic. No extra guitars were recorded.
The 1st chunky section is a Mesa Boogie V twin, set on the overdrive channel, with a big EQ scoop.
The spacey section under the Drum and Bass Groove is a customs setting from theTC electronics G System.The final tag is the Mesa Boogie V Twin, with the assistance of the Morley Bad Horsie Wah.
Some effects were aded to this section in Post Production. Namely over the muted vamp, was the logic Space designer- SFX section which gives a haunting tone. Waves JJP guitar plugins were used to double the mesa tone.

Logic Phaser and Flanger were added to the outros and intros of certain sections.

Alex played :

I used a American deluxe p bass(4 string)
Though a eden navigator pre amp,crown power amp
And epifani speakers(4x10,1x15)
Acid 15 efx were a octave(boss),wah(Dunlop),
Parang tool efx were a digitec synth,octave(boss)

Liam played Pearl refernce Kit and Zildjian Cymbals



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